The Hustisford Community Hall (formerly Firemen's Hall) has been a landmark for Hustisford since 1936.  This Hustisford landmark has been the place where many newlyweds celebrated their wedding reception and/or dance and married couples celebrated their wedding anniversary.  It was the place to go to in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s for Wednesday night polka dances featuring many bands from the area.  Talk to any senior citizen from the area and they will tell you about the fun times they had or how they met their spouse at those dances.  Occasionally the big band sounds could be enjoyed at the hall as the firemen would bring in big bands that were touring the area.


In January 2015 the Fire Department contacted the Village of Hustisford and said that they no longer had the time to run the hall due to increased training requirements.  A meeting was held to decide how to move forward.  The Village of Hustisford decided to purchase the Hall from the Fire Department and in turn lease it to the newly formed Hustisford Community Hall Association, Inc.

We elected a board of directors, officers and various committees to bring back the Hall to the thriving establishment it once was. We started with no money in our account, monthly bills still coming in.  We received some initial donations to get us going and started holding some fund raisers.  The hall board put together a list of needed repairs and prioritized them.  Many updates and improvements have been made to the community hall since the hall association leased the hall.  These have been accomplished through the generous monetary donations, donated labor and materials, countless volunteer hours, the overwhelming support of the Hustisford community and surrounding area for all of our fund raisers and the increase in hall rentals.  A list of the improvements is posted in the hall.

The Hustisford Community Hall Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are accepting donations of time, talents and monetary gifts. We will be having many fund raisers in the near future, so Like our page so you can keep apprised of all the fun events we are cooking up!

For rental information contact Deb Whalen at or call 920-349-2233.

316 E Tweedy St, hustisford, wi  53034 (920) 349-9079

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